Leagues of Code is like a supersonic catalyst for a successful future

We launched the academy to equip the next generation with the skills to thrive in the digital era.

Origin & story

How it Began

Our journey began in 2015 with our first organized coding bootcamp. We invited instructors, olympiad medalists, organizations like Codeforces, and many others interested to learn and grow. Our goal was to create an easier way for young talents to become discovered, learn new skills in coding, connect them with leaders in tech, and take part in prestigious coding competitions. Little did we know that we were learning and building a process towards a platform perfect for young students. Leagues of Code - born from passion, ambition, and drive.

A proven process since 2015

Leagues of Code has a rich history of working with institutions, big tech companies, coding organizations and olympiads by discovering and connecting them with driven young talents. Throughout our previous 6-year journey, before our conception, we organized coding bootcamps and trained ICPC and IOI Gold Medalists. 

A foundation built from experience

Over this period we discovered problems, found answers, and created a future-proof process which is the foundation of our 5 year program at Leagues of Code. Through our approach, individuals learn coding and mathematical concepts at young ages comparable to those training at the most prestigious coding olympiads.

The team

Check out our team of talented creators that is making this opportunity a reality for young students and the future of education technology for kids.

Svetlana Velikanova


Igor Golutvin


Raul Sanchez

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Nobileau

Chief Financial Officer

Svetlana Klotchko

Chief Operations Officer

Konstantin Mertsalov

Chief Technology Officer

Javier Rebolledo

Head of Design

Roger Kithinji

Product Designer

Ilya Yarmolkevich

Head of Academics

Stephania Weitzner

Head of Marketing

Aleksandra Pavlova

Social Media Specialist

Maria Petukhova

Admissions Representative

Elena Comella

Sales Representative

Gustavo Bertenasco

Back-end Lead

Adel SaadEddin

Front-end Lead

Mazen Hassani

Robotics Engineer

Catherine Florence

Project Manager

Vetit Kanjaras

CEO of Leagues of Code Thailand

Rujipas Varathikul

COO of Leagues of Code Thailand

Chalongrat Ratanafongkaew

CMO of Leagues of Code Thailand

Yahor Dubovik


Maksym Oboznyi

Deputy OIE/IOI/ICPC Coach

Humberto Yusta


Bryan Duran Medina


Marco Meijer


Alex Zvonarev


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Harbour.Space University
Olimpiada Informática Española
Phaze Ventures
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
Barcelona Activa: Agència
de desenvolupament local
Aula Escola Europea
Benjamin Franklin International School
The American School
of Barcelona
St. Paul’s School

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